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I grew up around creativity, some of it more successful than others but all attacked with high enthusiasm. I can remember rolling my eyes at a very young age when my engineering father ordered boring templates of circles and hexagons when there were so many more interesting things to draw in that catalog, like hearts. He got it for me and and that little plastic circle with 8 sizes of hearts still brings back memories of that early desire to make things with precision… just not airplanes.

The digital age has opened up potential in so many new ways that are beyond exciting and created more of a partnership with customers than was ever possible before. Now I can create a design that someone can choose to put on fleece or silk, I don’t have to try to guess. A photo can be printed on demand for the wall or a notebook – I’m just happy if it brings a smile when you see it.

I make my home on an island in the Pacific Northwest with my bouncy dog, Ella and six chickens, so far…




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